_____ ___.                  __   
  /  _  \\_ |__   ____  __ ___/  |_ 
 /  /_\  \| __ \ /  _ \|  |  \   __\
/    |    \ \_\ (  <_> )  |  /|  |  
\____|__  /___  /\____/|____/ |__|  
        \/    \/                    

A few words about me.

I was always fascinated about the power and the possibilities a single line of code has. For that reason I prefer to play the coder part of the whole story, you know the guy that builts engines and makes stuff running.

The fact that I was always interested in modern art, made me find the demoscene, one of the best subcultures the world has ever seen, developed over the last 30 years and features the most creative minds on the planet.

Now that the world is following a route in which it is difficult to define what is trully good for someone and what is not, the urge to stay original and off the beaten track is more than necessary.

There was certainly a specific moment in time in the past, were we questioned our surroundings if all this formal style was absolutely required to move further...

...and yet we received an answer that went like this: grow up. And then again we questioned ourselves, and the opposite answer kept coming up: Let's do it freestyle. Like we always did. 'Nough said.

On the web-scene you may find me on loyal places like pouet and bitfellas. In the web 2.0 you may find me here, here and here.

Now let's get some rest and continue coding.
End of the line.